Taki silhouette

I usually don’t make fan art, but I watched some Soul Calibur 6 videos and got inspired. Soul Calibur 1 was the first fighting game that I really got into, hearing there’s a new version finally coming out after SC5 gave me a push to paint this.

ArtRage 5, oil and palette knife. That’s it.

Bird lady

Started as a butterfly. Looked at parrot feathers and tried colouring it but made it an ugly green because of my colour blindness.

I’ll stick to grayscale for now.

Pastel lady

Test of the pastel tool in ArtRage. Painted the face first and then the body, took my time working on the face so it became the centre of the whole picture.

I like the effect. Spooky.

Sitting lady

I like how the breasts came out. Pierced nipples. Colour in the eyes makes one concentrate more on that part.

This was one of my first pencil drawings on ArtRage, it is still one of my favourites.